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Pavlova - New Zealand

Pavlova - New Zealand


Pavlova is a superbly fresh dessert and is made with oodles of whipped cream, meringue and toped with fresh seasonal fruits and berries. Crunchy from the inside and covered with freshly whipped cream from the outside, it is inherently a very light dessert and is perfect after a heavy meal. Pavlova is one of the most important desserts of both Australian and New Zealand cuisines. Its origin though, is a major bone of contention with both the nations staking the claim for its creation. The dessert was created and named in honor of the insanely famous prime ballerina, Anna Pavlova way back in 1920s.

  • Freshness Guarantee

    We do not believe in delivering pre baked and stored desserts. We would start baking once you place the order. 

  • Ingredients

    Since the pavlova includes meringue, it incorporates eggs.


    - Eggs

    - Sugar

    - Whipped cream

    - Seasonal fruits

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

    Once you place an order of the pavlova, we would give you a call to apprise you on the time we would take to bake it and thereafter, deliver it. Generally, it takes at least 3 hours to build pavlova from scratch. 

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