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Delivery & Safety Guidelines

In these exceptional times, we have decided to not deliver the orders ourselves, so as to maintain the safety bubble which in turn would ensure that our desserts are safe. We have tied up with Dunzo for all our deliveries, close by or far. We have also tied up with Zomato for delivery of a subset of our desserts in our vicinity.

Since we no longer have control over our deliveries, we have decided to introduce desserts in glass jars which are much more robust than normal packaged desserts. 

We had to also let go of our help at the kitchen, which means that there would be just a single touch point of everything that you order, at the kitchen. And we would be regularly monitoring our health as well.

Please find below an approximate break-up of the Dunzo charges per km. For order value greater than INR 500, we would be willing to pick up half the tab (upto INR 100) for Dunzo charges.

First 2 kms

INR 20

3 - 8 kms

INR 15/km

9th km onwards

INR 20/km

Our Ethos

We are here to make, the best desserts and pastries in Bangalore for you! We love our food as we like our music, absolutely fresh with a lot of undertones. And we have our own philosophy about food.


1. Absolutely fresh: We believe in delivering the freshest food which is cooked with all the love. We would never deliver desserts which were baked a few days ago!

2. No frills: We love our food with ZERO chemicals, colors, flavors or preservatives. We believe in our food being one for the soul and not for just the eyes.

3. No to fast food culture: Since we start to bake your desserts once you order them, we would not be able to satiate your cravings within the next few minutes. Baking from scratch takes time and we have therefore indicated the ETA for each dessert in their descriptions. Once you place an order, we would not ask you for the payment then and there. We would call you up to apprise you on the ETA and if you are alright with the time, we would then request you to make the payment.

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