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Pasteis de Nata - Pack of 2

Pasteis de Nata - Pack of 2

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Baked for the first time in the 18th century in Portugal, pasteis de nata are these super crunchy, simply scrumptuous custard tart pastries. They are made by folding parts of a huge sheet of rolled out dough over other parts almost 15 times and then freezing the resulting roll. The roll is then cut and baked after filling it with freshly made custard. Having cinnamon custard in the middle, these layered tarts are something you would have never come across and would blow your senses! 

  • Freshness Guarantee

    We do not believe in delivering pre baked desserts and therefore, would need a minimum guarantee of 4 'cups' of these crunchy pasteis de nata. We would start baking once you place the order. 


  • Ingredients

    These pasties de nata have thick, creamy custard as one of the most important ingredients which contains eggs.


    - Eggs

    - Butter

    - Milk

    - Cream

    - Sugar

    - Cinnamon

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

    Once you place an order of pasteis de nata, we would give you a call to apprise you on the time we would take to bake it and thereafter, deliver it. Generally, pasteis de nata takes at least 12 hours to bake them from scratch which includes rolling and freezing the dough. 

  • Quantity

    Pack of 2

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