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Inverted Flan in a Jar - Spain

Inverted Flan in a Jar - Spain


Italy, France and Spain claim that the flan or caramel custard originated from the respective regions. Though we would never know the exact origins of this dessert, what we do know is that this crème caramel is super scrumptious. Flan incorporates a freshly made caramel at the bottom of the pan which is topped with custard. With the light custard and dark caramel, it certainly hits the spot, and then some more!

  • Ingredients

    Flan has custard as the main ingredient and therefore, contains eggs. Well, that along with the dark caramel sauce coating on the top!


    - Eggs

    - Sugar

    - Cream

    - Milk

    - Vanilla bean

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

    Once you place an order of flan, we would give you a call to apprise you on the time we would take to bake it and thereafter, deliver it. Generally, it takes at least 1 and half hours to build it from scratch and another hour to refrigerate it.

  • Freshness Guarantee

    We do not believe in delivering pre baked and stored desserts. We would start making once you place the order.