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Baklava - Turkey

Baklava - Turkey


Baklava is synonymous with Turkey and is filled with almondy and walnuty goodness. Not overly sweet, this baklava is light and flaky making it just perfect to end your meal or to eat it as a snack. Baklava is 'built' by rolling super thin phyllo sheets. These sheets are then stacked up whilst a mixture of crushed almonds & walnuts along with cinnamon is layered amidst 21 of these phyllo sheets. 

  • Freshness Guarantee

    We do not believe in delivering pre baked desserts and therefore, would need a minimum guarantee of order weighing 1/2 kg. We would start baking once you place the order. 

  • Ingredients

    This baklava does not contain any egg. It does contain a huge amount of pistachio, walnuts and almonds.


    - Flour

    - Olive Oil

    - Bianco Vinegar

    - Butter

    - Walnuts

    - Almonds

    - Honey Syrup

    - Cinnamon

  • Estimated Time of Arrival

    Once you place an order of baklava, we would give you a call to apprise you on the time we would take to bake it and thereafter, deliver it. Generally, baklava takes at least 4 hours to build it from scratch which includes rolling and resting the phyllo dough. 

  • Indicative Dimensions

    Weight - 500 gms

    Diameter - 6 inches 

    Height - 2 inches


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